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United Nations publications


Panoramica della Sala ONU


The Milan campus Library has been a repository for the official publications of the United Nations since 1969. This specialist collection was put together thanks to the interest of Professor Giuseppe Biscottini and is housed in the Political Sciences Department.

The material, mainly grey literature published prevalently in France, covers almost the entire documentary output of the United Nations' bodies from the date the collection was established. The material held consists of:

  • series of international treatises
  • reports and resolutions enacted by the General Assembly, by the Security Council, and by the Economic and Social Council
  • minutes of meetings and session proceedings, commissions and conferences of various types

The collection consists of several tens of bulletins and yearbooks, among others, including:

  • Yearbook of the United Nations
  • Statistical yearbook
  • Monthly bulletin of statistics
  • Demographic yearbook
  • Monthly bibliography


Online resources

> United Nations official website

United Nations main databases:

> Official document system of the United Nations (ODS)

> United Nations treaty collection

> Declarations and conventions contained in General Assembly resolutions

> UNdata


> UN Comtrade, United Nations commodity trade statistics database

> UNECE statistical database

> ESCAP, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Data Centre


> UNESCO Institute of Statistics Data Center

> FAO Statistics

> International Labour Organization statistics and databases

> Global Health Observatory (GHO)

> World population prospects

> UNBIS net

> ARMS, archives and records management section