Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Support for scientific publication

Some libraries of the UCSC Library System provide a service that, with innovative content and methods developed in national and international academic contexts, aims to support teachers, researchers, doctoral and postgraduate students of the University in their activities in the increasingly competitive context of Scholarly Communication, particularly with regard to citation aspects, peer reviewing systems and new publishing models.
The service provides methodological support for:

  • the retrieval and analysis of bibliometric indicators needed in the evaluation processes, to accompany bibliographies and CVs, for the National Scientific Qualification (ASN) and during the national evaluation exercises (VQR)
  • insertion of the products in the institutional repository Publicatt
  • the correction of author profiles within the citation databases
  • Open Access publishing

In addition, the service is available - upon request - to UCSC scholars for consulting activities regarding:

  • the appropriate use of bibliometric databases and related analytical platforms
  • publication strategies useful to increase visibility and impact of their work, through quantitative analysis of the performance of scientific journals and citation network



For the users of UCSC Milan, Piacenza-Cremona and Brescia campuses


For the users of UCSC Rome campus


Informations on how to use the service are available on the websites of the UCSC libraries where it is provided: