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Media Library's dvd loan

Examples of dvd of the Media Library

Through the OPAC, you can borrow the DVDs kept in the Media Library. Available more than 10.000 titles between cinema, theatre, tv shows, videoart and documentaries.

Partnership between the Library and OCLC Research

In 2016 it began the cooperation of the UCSC Library System with OCLC Research, the research center of the organization cooperative broader librarian in the world. As a first step, the Milan campus Library contributes to international research project Digital Visitors and Residents: What motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment?

NEWS - Over a century of Corriere della Sera's pages

It is now available, among the electronic resources of the UCSC OPAC, the Historical Archives of the Corriere della Sera, by which it is possible to consult the digital versions of the articles published from 1876 until today.

NEWS - Orbis Bank Focus and SNL Financial databases

For the economists, Bankscope database has been replaced with the new Orbis Bank Focus and SNL Financial databases: both provide financial and budgetary data related to banks of all countries of the world, including ratings, news, information on shareholding and on equity investments, deals.

New RefWorks

UCSC users of ProQuest citations manager may use also the new version improved with new features, including a "Save to RefWorks" to easily import interest webpages.