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Media Library



The Media Library offers a series of services for researchers and students who have a keen interest in the disciplines of Communication, Performing Arts and even - with an increasingly interdisciplinary - of Languages, Political Science, Education, Psychology.

The Media Library provides the entire UCSC collection of multimedia works in a room equipped with the necessary equipment to watch video recordings and for consultation, study and research of encyclopaedia-style DVDs and CD-ROMs and online databases (FIAF, The Complete Index to World Film Since 1895, International Bibliography of Theatre, etc.).

Users can watch videos with different themes and areas of specialization, ranging from documentary to cinema, video art TV programs of various kinds.

Loan and consultation

Through the OPAC you can request the DVDs kept in Media Library:

  • for students = 1 day loan
  • for teachers = loan for up to 3-5 days

The works produced over the last two years are ecxluded from loan.

Consultation of multimedia resources through the workstations into the Media Library is possible after booking on-site, calling 02/7234.2830 or sending e-mail at biblioteca.mediateca-mi@unicatt.it.

Users can also access satellite recordings, especially those in the spheres of cinema, television and theatre. In addition, a workstation equipped with editing software enables both students and academics to create multimedia supports (DVDs, CD-ROMs) for educational or research purposes.

Additional services

In this room:

  • you can consult Media Library, the website that allows the display in streaming of the most important films owned by the UCSC Media Library (currently more than 1900 titles)
  • you can apply for registration of programs with full content and relevant to areas of expertise of the Media
  • to ensure the development of the Media Library's holdings, users are encouraged to send in their purchasing requests either by e-mail or by filling in the form provided at the time of accessing the service
  • the Media Library also undertakes the minor editing of the films or TV programmes held to accompany mini-theses or personal research projects
  • every month the Media Library - thanks to the magazine Satguida TV and the weekly Film TV - makes a selection of the best films, plays and TV programmes recorded at the University Audiovisual Centre, which users can request through the online UCSC catalogue
  • the Media Library has also launched a project to select around 200 video recordings of the theatre performances donated by the drama teaching staff, which it plans to digitise and preserve on DVD, given the difficulty of sourcing such material externally